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3d шаблоны для открыток

Many happy Mirkwood Designs templates users have asked how they can help support my Web site. You can securely use your PayPal account or any major credit card. If you cannot make a monetary donation, I would appreciate your prayers. I thank you for your consideration, and may God bless you!

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Please note that these templates are my own design, although templates often bear resemblance to one another. You are free to use the templates to make items to give or sell, шаблоны but please do not sell the templates themselves; that includes auctioning them off on eBay.


New! Party Favor Cone!

Below are templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes. Simply print out the image, use it as a template to cut your fine papers, and fold along dotted lines. Clicking on a link below will take you to an enlarged version and instructions that you can print out.

Note: Some of my templates are Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't already have the FREE Adobe Reader software, CLICK HERE to download it.

Here are some useful tips and ideas:

  • Use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the image to suit your needs.
  • Use a straight edge and bone folder to score fold lines, making certain the lines are accurate.
  • Use a bone folder to obtain crisp folds. Place a piece of plain paper on top before folding to protect the coating of your fine papers.
  • Fold the petals of the petal cards in a clockwise fashion, overlapping each petal.
  • Experiment with various papers and embellishments.

I strongly recommend that you obtain a bone folder. They are available in most art supply, stationery, and craft stores. They produce a fine, crisp line without leaving any undesirable marks on  fine paper. If you do not have a bone folder, you can use a butter knife for the folding, and a stylus for the scoring.

Copyright 1999-2009 Mirkwood Designs, a division of ruthannzaroff.com
 These templates are free for your use to make craft items to give or sell, to use for teaching purposes, or for submitting projects to magazines.
I would appreciate it if you provide a link to my Web site.
The templates themselves may NOT be auctioned, sold, or published in any way without my permission.


Источник: http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/mirkwooddesigns/templates.htm

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