Доступен онлайн новый выпуск журнала MSDN Magazine за февраль 2011


Доступен онлайн февральский выпуск MSDN Magazine на английском языке. В это номере, как всегда, множество отличного материала:

  • Securing WF 4 Workflow Services;
  • Visual Studio TFS Branching and Merging Guidance;
  • Understanding the Dynamic Keyword in C# 4;
  • Pattern Matching Database Records with F#;
  • It's All About the SynchronizationContext;
  • Managing Employee Rewards with Office and SharePoint BCS;
  • Known Types and the Generic Resolver;
  • Measuring Test Effort Progress with EVM;
  • Sound Recording in Windows Phone 7;
  • Policy Injection in Unity;
  • Branch-Node Synchronization with SQL Azure, Part 2- Service-Based Sync;
  • Windows Phone 7 Development Tools and Resources;
  • Slice and Dice OData with the jQuery DataTables Plug-In.

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