Доступен онлайн новый выпуск журнала MSDN Magazine за март 2011


Доступен онлайн мартовский выпуск MSDN Magazine на английском языке. В это номере, как всегда, множество отличного материала:

  • Cloud-Based Collaboration with SharePoint Online;
  • Processing Health Care Claims with BizTalk Server 2010;
  • Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension;
  • Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS;
  • Building and Using Custom OutputCache Providers in ASP.NET;
  • Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources;
  • Test Run: Diffusion Testing;
  • Touch Gestures on Windows Phone;
  • Application Extensibility- MEF vs. IoC;
  • Cloud Services Mashup;
  • Data Integration Tools and Resources;
  • Server-Side Paging with the Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC 3;
  • Windows Phone Navigation- The Basics;
  • Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 6- Reflective Metaprogramming.
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